MOREX R, HSSE roll form tap with carbide strips

Roll form tapping is becoming an increasingly popular method for thread machining

The new MOREX R roll form tap from JEL® features a unique design which significantly increases the tool life in all materials suitable for roll form tapping. The combination of a flexible HSS-E shank and a hard thread profile with brazed carbide strips, this unique tool outperforms conventional carbide roll form taps, particularly in steel materials.

Furthermore, MOREX R tools can be refurbished 2-3 times. When sending a standard tool back to KOMET for reconditioning, it is immediately replaced with a refurbished tool in order to minimize the turnaround time.




Your PLUS:

  • Highest tool life can be achieved in all materials suitable for roll form tapping
  • Tools can be refurbushed extending their life cycle
  • The flexible body compensates for minor misalignment, a great advantage when used on transfer lines