Jel® BGF x D

Bore thread milling cutter for cast aluminum

Bore thread milling cutters are tools which can use thread milling to produce a tapping drill hole, 90° counterbore and thread in a single operation.

Unlike conventional methods for cutting threads in aluminum – drilling, countersinking and thread cutting / thread forming – this tool enables significantly shorter machining times when used on CNC machining centers at high speeds.

A bore thread milling cutter with a length-to-diameter ratio of 3×D has been developed especially for cast aluminum with a silicon content of less than 10%.


Machining example:

Housing made of G-AlSi9
M8, thread length 3xD
BGF M8 3.0D IK
Cutting data:  
vc = 318m/min = 15,000 1/min
Drilling and countersinking:
f = 0.1mm/rev
Thread milling:
fz = 0.07mm/tooth
Machining time:
th = 5.6s




Your PLUS:

  • Keeps machining costs down: Creates tapping drill hole, 90° counterbore and thread in one operation
  • Shorter machining times at high speeds
  • Precise, repeatable drill and thread depth from the first to the last thread