Reaming with indexable inserts

indexable insert technology

The DIHART®  indexable insert technology is revolutionising reaming, and setting new standards in terms of precision and functionality. The new reaming technology largely dispenses with the complex tool preparation previously required at the manufacturer’s for reaming tools with braised cutters.

Similar to boring, each insert has two effective cutting edges. Unlike boring tools, inserts for reaming tools are ground as a complete set directly on the basic element in their specific insert pocket. The positions of the individual cutting edges on an insert are precisely defined during manufacturing and application. Cutting edges ground in a single operation ensure the degree of precision required for high precision bore machining.

Several sets of perfectly fitting indexable inserts can be produced for one basic holder – making you more independent and reducing your time and logistics requirements.


  • Fine bore machining
  • The wide range of cutting material and coating variants enables the perfect machining of a host of different materials

Your PLUS:

  • Minimization of tool logistics
  • Several indexable insert sets for one basic holder
  • Ground to size for maximum precision
  • Shortest preparation time
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Concept can be used for an extremely wide variety of DIHART®  tools
  • Low-cost tolerance and geometry changes
  • Can be adjusted for extremely small bore tolerances

Changing inserts is child’s play
Reaming with indexable inserts - Application Video


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