Mechatronics from KOMET

KomTronic®  U-Axis System


The KOMET KomTronic® U-Axis system consists of a compact facing head with a single slide which is driven by a servomotor and a threaded spindle.


With virtually unlimited programming capabilities, the KomTronic® U-Axis system provides a NC (numerically controlled) axis which dynamically modifies the tool position during the machining process, making it possible to produce complex contours on a standard machine tool.


Consequently, the KomTronic® U-Axis system opens up processing possibilities which were previously unimaginable on a standard machining centre: reboring, reverse boring, chamfering and, above all, production of numerically controlled internal and external contours. Complex, high-precision workpieces can be fully processed on a single machine tool thus reducing production times and costs.


The KomTronic®  U-Axis system can be used in standard machining centers, in special machines and lathes, and also for the machining of components with asymmetrical rotation.


It is compatible with several standard tools and adapters in the KOMET line.



System description

  • Compact flat turning head with single pusher, drive provided by servomotor and threaded spindle.
  • Complete adjustment mechanism and electronics contained in the conversion unit.
  • Contact-free data and energy transmission to any KomTronic® drive system or directly to integrated U-Axis drives in machine spindles.
  • Variable adjustment travel and resolution.
  • Quasi-dynamic balance correction for complete dynamic balancing, irrespective of the stroke of the HPS system.
  • Compatible with standard tools and adapters.


Your PLUS:

  • Lower investment costs
    • Use of standard machines instead of special machines
    • Reduction of the number of tools
    • No need for clamping devices for parts processing on lathes
  • Reduced unit costs
    • Complete machining in a single machine reduces the machining and throughput times
    • Savings of tool changing
    • Replacement of time-consuming circular machining
  • Low operating costs
    • Complete processing in one machine without rotation of the workpiece
    • Minimal energy requirement
    • Compact drive in the KomTronic® U-Axis system instead of larger servo drives