Facing heads

In addition to high-precision machining, there is a wide range of applications for KomDrive®  facing heads, such as recessing, process turning or back chamfering. The area of application extends from premachining to the process turning of complex contours. For performance improvement, they can be operated at high speeds, without making any concessions in terms of precision or service life.


A common feature of all KomDrive®  facing heads is that the slides of the facing heads are actuated mechanically through precision ground serrated rack components designed with maximum engagement of the teeth. The radial stroke is limited through fine adjustable internal stops. In contrast to conventional facing heads, the NC-facing head rotation is driven by a central drive spindle.


Sliding surfaces exhibit high hardness and excellent frictional characteristics through nitride treatment.


The compact slide and integral construction result in a minimal reversal play in the micron range, increase the stability and enable hard turning, in addition to an increased cutting performance.


Facing heads are generally used in special machines such as automatic rotary cyclers and transfer lines for series production.



Facing Head Video


  • NC facing head with high positioning accuracy
  • HQB facing head with effective adjusting imbalance and 20% higher cutting values

PKE Type 101

PKE Type 103

PKD Type 101

PKU Type 101

PKU Type 103