KOMET Roughing/Finishing

KOMET® PreciKom

Insert technology for roughing and reaming in one step

The challenge which must be met by tools which enables roughing and reaming in a single process is to achieve the required roundness and concentricity, taking account of the high cutting performance and the associated forces. For this reason, such tools are normally fitted with guide pads; however, these can lead to problems during machining.


The newly developed roughing/finishing tools for cast parts are based on an innovation in indexable insert technology, which makes it possible not only to bore, but to ream as well using economical, multi-bladed indexable inserts. Thanks to an innovative cutting head geometry with support land, previously commonplace guide rails are a thing of the past.




The tools are specially manufactured for each application, with four to six cutting edges on a main body and for diameter ratios up to 3 x D. With various cutting tool material/coating variants, they can also be ideally adapted to customer requirements for specific materials. In GG50, for example, the new machine tools work to cutting depths from three to four millimeters (ap) whereby, with good machining conditions, bore tolerances to IT8 are possible.

Your PLUS:

  •  Two processes – roughing and reaming – in one
  •  Uses economical, multi-bladed indexable inserts
  •  Interchangeability of the cutting heads reduces tool costs
  •  Adjustable indexable inserts allow for μm-precise setup
  •  Maximum precision