Bluetooth® Technology

KOMET MicroKom®  BluFlexTM

By incorporating Bluetooth® wireless technology to the KOMET MicroKom®  BluFlex™  tool system, tool developers at KOMET® have isolated the display from the tool head, making it easier, safer and more convenient to read off the settings. When dialing-in the micro-adjustable head, the operator can affix the magnetic, external display unit anywhere within the field of view, outside of the machine tool. The illuminated screen and oversized numerals make reading easier, while the display can switch between mm and inches.  


A specially-designed adjustment key, with integral Bluetooth® interface, is also part of the system. The same display unit and adjustment key can be used for multiple KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ micro-adjustable heads, thus reducing costs when investing in several heads. 


An improved balancing system also allows the KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ precision adjustment head to achieve rotational speeds up to 20,000 rpm, while the modular KOMET ABS® interface provides for easy adaptation to different machine spindles.


The KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ also features an energy-saving function with an automatic shutoff after 30 seconds, and uses common AAA batteries.




Your PLUS:

  • Magnetic display unit can be positioned anywhere within field of view
  • Easy reading of tool data on oversized display, in mm or inch
  • Same display unit and adjustment key can be used for multiple heads
  • Micro-adjustable head can accomodate boring bars, insert holders or bridges
  • Universal ABS® interface
  • Higher speeds thanks to balancing system (up to 20,000 rpm)
  • Uses conventional AAA batteries