The perfect connection between
tool and machine

KOMET®  Adapters

As the interface between the tool and the machine, adapters have a great influence on the result and the economy of the complete machining process. KOMET®  tool adapters offer a comprehensive range for every requirement.

Your PLUS:

  • Maximum tool changing accuracies
  • Perfect static and high radial rigidities
  • Ideal dimensions
  • Low weights
  • Productivity improvement
  • ABS®  modularity

THERMOGRIP®  Shrink-fit technology

In order to achieve maximum clamping forces with a slim chuck design and maximum speeds, the THERMOGRIP®  shrink-fit technology is also used in addition to conventional mechanical clamping techniques.


KOMET®  Adapter range:

  • HSK adapters
  • Steep-angle taper adapters, SK
  • KOMET ABS®  adapters
  • Flange adapters
  • VDI adapters
  • Hydro-expansion clamping chucks
  • KOMET KomLoc®
  • THERMOGRIP®  shrink-fit chucks

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