RHOBEST diamond coated tools

A range of tools specifically designed for composite materials


The machining of FRP, CFRP and other composite materials poses unique challenges, both to part manufacturers and cutting tool manufacturers. KOMET has taken on that challenge and proposes as a solution the KOMET RHOBEST brand of diamond coated tools.


This standard product range, consisting of drills and end mills, is specifically designed to achieve peak performance and tool life in composite materials, graphite, and aluminum alloys. This is achieved through the use of advanced nano-crystalline diamond coatings, optimized cutting geometries, and the careful selection of the best-suited substrate for each tool.  


And because the non-homogeneous and highly-abrasive nature of these new - and constantly evolving – lightweight materials imposes exacting and unique requirements for each machining process, we are able to partner with you to design and test special tools that will meet the demands of your individual machining operation.



Your PLUS:

  • A standard range of drills, milling cutters, slot milling cutters, and compression milling cutters
  • NCD and PCD tools
  • Made-to-order tools: inch sizes, custom designs, etc. 
  • Engineering and testing support
  • Optimized machining parameters
  • Significant increases in tool life
  • Designed for machining CFRP and other composite materials
  • Excellent results in graphite and aluminum alloys