Reliable right from the start

The new KOMET KUB Pentron™





Since Thomas Nuss from NTM Zerspanung in Barßel-Reekenfeld has been using the KOMET KUB Pentron™ indexable insert borer in 5 x D, he can complete the whole operation of machining spacer sleeves without interruption. What is more, he has been able to cut the machining time almost in half.


Thomas Nuss is a contract manufacturer in Oldenburger Münsterland, working there mainly in machine and plant engineering. He specialises in the manufacture of sophisticated components with complex geometries in small and large-scale production and it hits him particularly hard if one of his three cutting machines is shut down because of tool failure. “This often happened when machining spacer sleeves made out of 42CrMo4V,”, Thomas Nuss recalls with some displeasure. Among other things, a bore with a diameter of 21 millimetres is drilled from two sides into components 160 millimetres long. “In comparison to the replaceable head borers which we originally used, the new KOMET KUB Pentron™ guarantees process reliability for batch sizes of 2500 units each,”, he confirms.


Continuous operation up to 5 x D


The KOMET KUB Pentron™ is an indexable insert borer which was designed for the length and diameter conditions of 5 x D and, together with 4 and 3 x diameter versions, represents an integrated tool concept. A completely reconfigured, FEM-designed basic body with special surface treatment and correspondingly modified indexable inserts offers outstanding borer performance. Even the indexable inserts have been developed to suit the basic body. The inserts are square in shape and, in terms of topography, cutting edge geometry and bearing faces, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the most extreme of boring conditions. A new feature is that the inner and outer indexable inserts are identical and each have four fully usable cutting edges. The indexable insert geometries range from all-purpose to soft cutting through to what is known as chip breaker geometry, providing inserts for an extremely wide variety of materials.


The KOMET KUB Pentron has demonstrated its tracking stability up to extremely high cutting speeds, even under severe boring conditions. Thomas Nuss also attributes the process reliability, which was achieved from the start, to the exceptional directional stability of the tools. He is also impressed by the cutting data. With a cutting speed of 180 m/min at 2728 rpm  and a feed rate of 0.12 mm/rev (vf = 327 mm/min), the machining time has been reduced almost by a half in comparison to the tool which was originally used. That results in a repeatable tool life of 24 metres of boring per cutting edge.



With its brands KOMET®, DIHART® and JEL®, the KOMET GROUP is a leading global manufacturer of precision tools for bore machining, threading and reaming. The group has been at the forefront of innovation in the sector for over 90 years - a tradition that began with the early insert drills and that continues today with their mechatronic tool systems. The company currently employs more than 1,600 staff in its 20 subsidiaries and is represented in around 50 countries.




Komet-0901-Pentron_NTM Zerspanung-Bild1.jpg: Thomas Nuss from NTM Zerspanung is particularly pleased with the process reliability of the new KUB Pentron™ indexable insert borer.



Komet-0901-Pentron_NTM Zerspanung-Bild2+3.jpg: The  new KUB Pentron™ is distinguished in particular by its directional stability which is independent of feed rate.


Komet-0901-Pentron_NTM Zerspanung-Bild4.jpg: The special surface treatment of the KOMET KUB Pentron™ basic body optimises chip clearance.


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