Thread milling in hardened steels from M1

MGF thread milling tools from KOMET JEL are capable of making core counterbores and the thread in one process. This is done by plunging into the existing core hole, making the 90° core counterbore with countersink on the shank side and subsequent thread milling in one process to the programmed thread depth. The external tool diameter is smaller than the core bore diameter. For hardened steels, the Vaihinger-based threading professionals have developed the XH variant. These are coated tools with special chip and slot geometries.

With the new MGF XH Micro, the KOMET GROUP has expanded its successful MGF thread milling tools into the dimension range of M1-M2.5. These left-hand cutting tools are designed with one profile, with two or three flutes and fitted with a 90° countersink that is standard in this series. The attainable thread length is at a length-to-diameter ratio of 1.5 x D.

The tools make machining directly into hardened metal possible, even with the smallest of diameters. As is the case with all other standard (drilling) thread milling cutters from the KOMET GROUP, CNC programs can be generated online under Available worldwide around the clock from every PC with internet access.

With its brands KOMET, DIHART and JEL, the KOMET GROUP is a leading global manufacturer of precision tools for bore machining, threading and reaming. The group has led the way in innovation in the sector for over 90 years - a tradition that began with the early insert drills and that continues today with their mechatronic tool systems. The company currently employs more than 1,600 staff in its 20 subsidiaries and is represented in around 50 countries.