KUB Pentron™

Insert drilling of the highest caliber

World First - KUB Pentron® Races Ahead

KOMET® moves up a gear in the area of insert drilling with the KUB Pentron® . The new tool system offers continuous drilling up to 5 x D, also with performance data of the highest calibre. 

KOMET has broken completely new ground to develop the new KUB Pentron®. It unites key features in one tool, such as attainable precision, the highest performance parameters and impressive drilling depths. It permits up to 20 % higher cut and feed rate values than insert drills currently on the market, and the KUB Pentron® provides high performance as seen in its length-to-diameter ratios of 5 x D. It masters extreme machining conditions that were previously only possible in 3 x D.

The KUB Pentron® is equipped with two square inserts that each have four effective cutting edges. The internal and external inserts have exactly the same shape. From all-round geometry to soft cutting and what is known as chip breaker geometry, inserts with high performance substrates and coatings are available for the widest variety of materials.

Just as the inserts and their respective geometries are patented, so is the basic body. There are three basic holder variants for 3 x D, 4 x D and 5 x D with parallel shank and ABS connection. A special surface treatment ensures optimum chip clearance and sliding properties. In the 14 to 44 millimeter diameter range, the new KUB Pentron® lets you go up a gear so that insert drilling is possible across the entire range of length-to-diameter ratios right up to 5 x D using one universal tool system.

With its brands KOMET, DIHART and JEL, the KOMET GROUP is a leading global manufacturer of precision tools for bore machining, threading and reaming. The group has led the way in innovation in the sector for over 90 years - a tradition that began with the early insert drills and that continues today with their mechatronic tool systems. The company currently employs more than 1,600 staff in its 20 subsidiaries and is represented in around 50 countries.


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