KOMET SERVICE® experiences rapid gains in North America, adds three Partners, growing by 40 percent

KOMET of America, Inc. is proud to announce that the KOMET SERVICE® platform is off to a great start in 2015, growing from seven Partners to 10. The KOMET SERVICE network in North America now spans from Alabama in the southeast to Toronto in the north, as far west as Minneapolis, and east to New England, ensuring superior service and delivery to customers in a growing swathe of the North American continent.


Chicago (Feb. 10, 2015) – 2015 is off to a great start at KOMET of America, which has signed three new Partners for its KOMET SERVICE® network this January. The addition of three new Partners – from seven to 10 – represents a 40 percent increase in the size of the network in North America. KOMET SERVICE, which has attracted attention both in Europe and in North America since its inception in 2008, is turning heads once again with its rapid expansion. This latest bout of growth reaffirms both KOMET’s commitment to the platform and ongoing customer demand for affordable, reliable, quality refurbishment and manufacture of solid carbide tooling.


The latest Partners come from across the United States, ensuring that KOMET SERVICE be more local than ever. Cutting Tool Engineers, of Pelham, Ala.; Breckers Cutting Tools, based in Roseville, Mich.; and Razor Tool, Inc. in Stoneham, Mass., have all signed on as KOMET SERVICE Partners this January. In the coming weeks, the KOMET SERVICE team will work with all of these Partners to train them in the quality control practices and state-of-the-art engineering and tool grinding for which KOMET is known. Each of the new Partners will also receive training in best practices for marketing, as well as a complete marketing and branding package, which is just one of the added benefits of being a KOMET SERVICE Partner. KOMET’s dedicated support does not stop there, however; it continues throughout the life of the Partnership.


“I cannot overstate how exciting this is for all of us,” said Tom Whennen, Manager, KOMET SERVICE North America. “The energy – shared by us at KOMET and by our new Partners – is palpable. The growth we’re experiencing is a sign of things to come. In addition to this announcement and the supply program for tungsten carbide with CERATIZIT we recently unveiled, we have more in in the works for the coming year.”


“We look forward to being partners with a global tool company,” said Nate Anderson, General Manager of Cutting Tool Engineers in Pelham, Ala. “The ability for a regional company to have access to the newest advances in tooling technology and tooling support is a great advantage for us.” Anderson went on to echo the ethos of teamwork and support that is key to the success of the program: “We now have the resources to collaborate, share knowledge, and best practices within our industry with other KOMET SERVICE Partners. We look forward to helping KOMET grow to be one of the nation’s most reliable tool manufacturing and refurbishment companies in our industry.”


Chelsey Gumro, CMO at Breckers Cutting Tools, was quick to point out the potential for customers, stating: “Our decision to partner with KOMET was based on the fact that our company and their company hold themselves to the highest standards in the marketplace. With KOMET’s stellar reputation for quality, coupled with Brecker’s untouchable customer service and quality, we see this strategic partnership as a way to benefit both companies as well as provide a competitive advantage to our customers that is unmet in our industry. We have already seen the synergies between our companies paying off for us and our customers in these early stages of our strategic partnership.”


End users, of course, benefit from the KOMET SERVICE platform as well. They receive transparent and fair pricing, precision tool refurbishment, and expedited services. While KOMET SERVICE Partners can service any brand of tooling, they are the only regrind shops authorized to service KOMET’s solid carbide tools, and they have exclusive access to original drawings and geometries. All of this comes with the support and backing of KOMET of America, an esteemed name in the cutting tool industry. And with the recently announced supply program between KOMET SERVICE and CERATIZIT USA for tungsten carbide, end users know they are getting consistently high-quality tooling at an advantageous price.


Tony Madiros, President of Razor Tool, Inc. of Stoneham, Mass., expressed sentiments similar to the others, saying, “I'm really excited about working with KOMET. Combining Razor Tool's capabilities with KOMET’s knowledge and support will result in better service, more technical options, and lower costs for our customers in New England. KOMET has a long legacy in cutting tools and has invested in R&D throughout the years. We are excited to be part of the network and to benefit from KOMET’s technology.”


Those who use industrial cutting tools are encouraged to try any of the ten KOMET SERVICE Partners located throughout North America. The transparent and fair pricing, along with the fast, expert service, are sure to garner many repeat customers. Those who may be interested in becoming a KOMET SERVICE Partner are encouraged to contact Tom Whennen (Thomas.Whennen@kometgroup.com) for more information.



About KOMET of America, Inc.

KOMET of America, based in Schaumburg, Ill., is the largest subsidiary of the German KOMET GROUP®, a global leader in metal-cutting and boring technology and tools. Its KOMET®, DIHART®, JEL®, RHOBEST®, BRINKHAUS, and KOMET SERVICE® brands make KOMET a renowned and trusted leader in the metalworking industry, especially for drilling, boring, reaming, milling, and threading operations. KOMET has been an innovator in this industry for over 90 years – beginning with their indexable drilling tools and continuing today with innovations such as their mechatronic tool systems. The company proudly employs over 1,600 staff throughout its 20 subsidiaries, and today maintains a presence in more than 50 countries.


About Cutting Tool Engineers

Cutting Tool Engineers was founded in 1979 with the purpose of providing a prompt and dependable source for quality cutting tool service. They have 32 grinders with appropriate inspection and support equipment allowing them to minimize set-up and turnaround time. The delivery time on most jobs is two to three weeks, which allows the flexibility to provide service for same day or next day rush jobs. A close, honest, and open relationship with their customers, along with a quality product, has allowed CTE to grow at a constant rate over the last 31 years!


About Breckers Cutting Tools

Breckers Cutting Tools is located in the automotive capital of the world, on the outskirts of Detroit. Since 1953, they have worked to build the most qualified staff and to come up with the most effective processes to serve their customers. Combined, their staff has over 100 years of experience. Brecker’s focuses their business practices on what their customers care about the most: quality, service, price, and delivery. They know their customers’ needs and strive to meet them.


About Razor Tool, Inc.

Razor Tool, Inc. was established in eastern Massachusetts in 2012 to serve local machine shops. They know that in an area of strong competition, price, quality, and delivery alone are not enough to maintain growth. It is for this reason that Razor Tool places a special emphasis on service. Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC equipment to grind cutting tools of the highest quality, along with their focused, service-based strategy, Razor Tool quickly cultivated and maintained a strong base of repeat customers, and this customer base continues to grow. With a broad offering of services beyond specials, regrinds, and high performance standard cutting tools, Razor offers high-precision five-axis machining, creating more opportunities to help shops with their most challenging projects.



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