KOMET invites you to join us in booth W-2400 at IMTS 2016

KOMET continues to provide its customers with "solutions for peak performance" as we unveil over 1000 new products that can give your business "THE CUTTING EDGE".



Here are some of the products that will be on display at IMTS 2016:

New Milling Line

KOMET’s new line of milling tools, comprised of over 280 articles including 63 new imperial (inch) and 63 new metric bodies , represents a strong offering as we continue to expand our focus on milling products.


The new indexable milling tools feature single and double–sided inserts, as well as a variety of geometries and grades to match your most challenging milling operations. The portfolio includes tools specifically designed for face milling, profile milling and high-speed milling processes, in a variety of diameters and configurations. These KOMET indexable milling cutters can machine all common materials, including hardened steels and high-temperature alloys.

ISO PCD Inserts

KOMET offers a complete portfolio of ISO PCD and CVD-D inserts. All of our inserts are competitively priced for the North American market and will be on full display at IMTS 2016.

  • Over 900 items 
  • PCD, CVD-D, full range of geometries 
  • Standard radii and wipers 
  • All inserts are laser-cut for better radius shape accuracy, yielding longer tool life 
  • 3-D chip breakers available 
  • CVD-D (Thickfilm Diamond) for CFRP and graphite materials • Manufactured using high-vacuum brazing

KOMET has driven its way to 1000 new products. Can you drive your way to 1000 yards?


Join KOMET in booth W-2400 at IMTS 2016 and take your best swing in our daily golf contest (Monday - Friday). Your ticket entitles you to one entry into our golf simulator. Just bring your ticket to booth W-2400 during any day of the contest.


You’ll get four swings to come as close to 1000 yards as possible. The person who comes closest to 1000 yards will win the daily prize (a Nike Vapor Speed Driver) and all participants will be entered into a raffle for the grand prize (a day of golf at the exclusive Kemper Lakes Golf Club in suburban Chicago). While you’re in our booth, learn more about the 1000+ new precision tools added to the KOMET product line.


Automation has greatly improved the manufacturing and tooling industries, but along with the solutions it provides, it also presents a special set of challenges. The KOMET BRINKHAUS ToolScope process monitoring system addresses these concerns. See the ToolScope in use at IMTS 2016, and learn how it can improve your processes, optimize your tool use, and reduce your tool breakage and downtime.

Get a quote for custom solid carbide tools fast at carbidetoolquote.com.

It takes only a few minutes to design your simple special carbide tools and obtain competitive pricing, complete with a sketch of the tool. Watch our short video and see how easy it is to design a custom drill, step drill, or end mill for your application.


Stop by our booth (W-2400) at IMTS 2016 and you'll have the opportunity to design your own custom carbide tool using carbidetoolquote.com!



Solid Carbide Tools

KOMET offers a comprehensive portfolio of carbide tooling for various machining operations. This includes our KUB Drillmax drills, which features a comprehensive inch program in 5xD and 7-8xD, as well as metric sizes from 3xD to 30xD. Another high-performance tool is our DIHART Fullmax reamer for universal use: one geometry and one coating are suitable for most materials, with a choice between a through-hole and a blind-hole version.


Those are just a few examples, our TOOLlife tool program gives you access to a wide range of drilling, milling, threading, reaming, turning and countersinking tools.




The KOMET SERVICE network has been rapidly expanding in North America since its launch at IMTS 2012 and now includes 10 KOMET SERVICE Partners in the United States and Canada.


Stop by to learn how the current KOMET SERVICE Partners can help you maximize your tool performance, or come see how becoming a KOMET SERVICE Partner could bring your tool shop into the future of tooling and help your business grow.


Visit our website at www.kometservice.com, or book an appointment with Tom Whennen, Manager of KOMET SERVICE in North America Thomas.Whennen@kometgroup.com and learn how your partnership with KOMET can give you "THE CUTTING EDGE".

Join us for coffee at IMTS 2016

With an event as large and exciting as IMTS, it can be exhausting! We invite you to the KOMET VIP Lounge, located within the KOMET booth, to rest your feet, unwind, grab a coffee or refreshment, and chat with our team in a relaxed setting. Present us with your challenges and see how we can provide your business with a proper solution.

KOMET of America's Cullen Morrison, Business Development Manager for threading and milling, will present during the IMTS Conference on Tuesday, September 13th from 11:00 a.m.– 11:55 a.m. All IMTS Conference presentations will take place in the West Building – Level 1 of McCormick Place. Morrison's presentation, High Productivity Tapping, will focus on the following:

  • A complete understanding of everything involved in the tapping process as a connected system
  • In-depth detail of tap designs, materials, coatings and usage by application type including roll form taps
  • Common machine considerations such as limitations of spindle speed, spindle acceleration rates and rigid tapping accuracy
  •  How to spot and correct common problems in tapping caused by tap reaction forces and misalignment of threads
  •  Design requirements and performance considerations of taps for MQL applications