New products

BASS Threading Technology

HSSE machine and roll form taps

The new range of HSSE and HSSE Powdered Metal taps from BASS complement the existing JEL® offering of solid carbide and brazed taps. They represent a flexible solution which provides excellent performance for almost all types of materials in any industry.


KOMET MicroKom BluFlex™

KOMET MicroKom BluFlex™

Precision boring systems with Bluetooth technology.
Modern wireless networking is one of the benefits with which the new MicroKom® BluFlex™ fine adjustment head is equipped.


KOMET Drillmax™

High-performance drill for small diameters

The new KUB DrillmaxTM high-performance solid carbide drills complete our range for drill diameters of 3 to 16 mm and length/diameter ratios of 5×D and 8×D for small diameter ranges.  


KOMET Drillmax XL

High-Performance Drill for Deep Holes

With the new KOMET KUB® Drillmax XL, the expertise gained from developing many special solutions has been transferred to a standard tool range, which is available from stock for 20×D in diameters of 3.0 to 10.0 mm and for 30×D in diameters of 3.0 to 8.0 mm.


KOMET Quatron hi.feed

KOMET® Quatron hi.feed - milling cutter

The success enjoyed by our tried and tested KUB Quatron® solid drill range continues in our new milling cutter range. With the unique Quatron indexable insert developed from solid drilling technology, we are extending our experience to the new Quatron hi.feed milling cutter.  


KUB Centron Powerline

Maximum drilling performance and dimensional accuracy at Drilling Depths of up to 9×D. Together with the double-sided design of the cutter, this tool ensures extremely high performance in all standard materials.



Replaceable Head Drill KUB K2®

With this replaceable head system for the double effective KUB K2®, there are replaceable cutting heads with small drilling diameters up to 8 mm.




Roughing & Reaming

Roughing and reaming in one step

The challenge which must be met by tools which enables roughing and reaming in a single process is to achieve the required roundness and concentricity, taking account of the high cutting performance and the associated forces. 


Dampening elements

Damping elements with ABS® attachment point

With machining tools, if certain length/diameter ratios are exceeded, depending on the material and cutter being used, this may cause undesirable vibration in the tool. In these cases, such problems can be solved by using extensions with damping properties.   



Roll Form Tap MOREX R HSS-E with carbide strips


In thread machining roll form tapping becomes more popular. The successfull roll form tap MOREX HML has been refined by KOMET to the brandnew type MOREX R. This new design allows highest tool life in all materials qualified for roll form tapping.  



Bore thread milling cutter for cast aluminum

Bore thread milling cutters are tools which can use thread milling to produce a tapping drill hole, 90° counterbore and thread in a single operation.





PCD milling cutters

Among the selling points of the new JEL PCD milling cutters are that they are highly flexible and easy to handle. The modular system allows you to choose between brazed PCD routing cutters and PCD drilling keyway cutters. It also contains a vibration-dampened tool shank available in various lengths.



Synchro tapping chuck

Modern CNC machines allow synchronous thread tapping without a compensating chuck, also called "rigid tapping".  



DAH Zero

The DAH® Zero holder
offers integrated precision concentricity

The new adjustable holders provide maximum concentricity with Reamax® TS   reamers from DIHART®, even when the machine or spindle conditions are less than favorable.


KOMET KUB Pentron™

KOMET KUB Pentron™

KOMET KUB Pentron™  has been developed
for continual solid drilling up to 5xD, even in
extreme machining situations which were
previously only possible in 3xD.



DIHART Reamax®  TS

The completely new tool concept DIHART Reamax®  TS,
with a standardised holder system and standardised
separation point for all DIHART®  reaming heads, offers
maximum flexibility and efficiency thanks to the fast,
high-precision tool changing.


DIHART®  indexable insert technology

The DIHART®  indexable insert technology revolutionises
reaming and sets new standards in precision and
functionality. The new reaming technology reduces the
complex tool preparation by the manufacturer previously
necessary for reaming tools with brazed cutters.