Company values

The products and services

KOMET GROUP®  products and KOMET GROUP®  services offer the customer
incomparable added value. The KOMET GROUP®  develops, manufactures and
sells the most comprehensive, modular portfolio on bore machining as full-range
suppliers. The KOMET GROUP®  offers the most innovative technologies, thereby
taking the highest economic viability, best quality and most attractive designs
into account. The KOMET GROUP®  sees itself not purely as a tool manufacturer,
but rather as suppliers of innovative solutions and ideas for the benefit of the
customer: TOOLS AND IDEAS.

The processes

In order to achieve market leadership, the KOMET GROUP® – supported by the
innovative force of its employees – works on consistent process optimisation.
Efficient, dynamic processes are achieved via continuous improvements and the
employees’ entrepreneurial thinking and actions. Safe and swift processes mean
that the KOMET GROUP®  achieves the characteristic data it requires and therefore
success for all participants.


The customer

The KOMET GROUP®  places value on long-term, binding customer relations, seeing
itself as a partner of the customer in a balance of benefit supplies and benefit
harvests. The KOMET GROUP®  records customers' demands and then produces the
most effective ideas and tool solutions for their machining tasks.
The KOMET GROUP®  offers the customer information and collaboration via their
worldwide  presence in local Service Centres. The IDEAS FACTORY supports
vocation-related training  and further qualifications for customers.


Business partners, service providers, suppliers

The KOMET GROUP®  places great emphasis on fair, respectful collaboration and
does business with partners, service providers and suppliers who feel themselves
committed to the KOMET GROUP®  values system – trust, recognition, respect,
frankness, solution orientation and quality.
The KOMET GROUP®  integrates wide-ranging experiences and recognised certifi-
cations into its business relationships, and expects the same from its business
partners, service providers and suppliers.


Shareholders and investors

The KOMET GROUP®  uses the capital it receives in terms of a successfully led
association. Relations to shareholders and investors and an open, regular flow
of information are maintained and form the basis for long-term economic


The environment / surroundings

The KOMET GROUP®  feels itself obliged to avoid any wasta and therefore
commits itself to responsible usage of raw materials and careful utilization of
remaining materials. The KOMET GROUP®  management is well aware of its
responsibilities towards society, and creates the foundations for modern working
environments and working conditions. The specifications on ergonomics and work
safety are taken into account. Beholden to the founder, Robert Breuning, the
KOMET GROUP®  supports the site at Besigheim, maintaining direct contact to
schools and social facilities in the region.