Company policy

The company

The company was founded in 1918 by the ingenious inventor, Robert Breuning, and has borne the name of KOMET®  since 1924. Since 1948, the headquarters have been based in Besigheim. KOMET®  rounded off its product portfolio for bore machining with the takeover of the Dihart AG in 1996 and the Jel GmbH in 1999. The KOMET GROUP®  is represented worldwide with 15 subsidiaries, 40 service and sales centres and 10 production sites as the leading manufacturer of precision tools for demanding interior processing. The KOMET GROUP®  employs over 1600 highly-qualified and motivated employees, who act as creative experts and bearers of technological advancements. The IDEAS FACTORY qualifies employees and customers for the complex world of tools, and supports their vocational training and further qualifications.

The purpose of the company

The KOMET GROUP®  are internationally recognised experts for highly precise solid and fine drilling and for reboring as well as for reaming and thread cutting. The focus of the company is on solution-orientated development, manufacture and sales of machining tools and future-orientated services.
The KOMET GROUP®  offers customer-related solutions for the most economical manufacture for all processing levels, and is the technological leader in innovative, customer-tailored and specific components and special tools for complex machining operations. The KOMET GROUP®  consistently aims for the best possible delivery service and adherence to delivery dates.

The company targets

The KOMET GROUP®  pursues a consistent policy of investments and achieves longterm and profitable growth via continuous improvement of products and processes as well as via consistent qualification of employees. This increases the value of the company.The KOMET GROUP®  consistently increases its innovation quota via research and development, offering the market new products every year. The KOMET GROUP®  is a premium quality manufacturer and motivates employee qualification and customers in their IDEAS FACTORY. The training quota of vocational beginners is exemplary for the entire field of