The KOMET GROUP is a leading supplier of precision tools. Our 1,600 employees worldwide regard themselves as creative experts carrying the technology forward. They offer our customers that little bit extra for economic manufacturing at every stage in the machining process thanks to tailor-made, innovative solutions.



Because your advantage counts.

Your advantage is the result of the added value provided by the KOMET GROUP. It's only because each of us gives more, that more comes out at the end. Your extra determination, concentration and application feed into the advantage offered by the KOMET GROUP. Each employee is encouraged and required to be qualified. Each employee is important to us and is valued because of the benefit they bring to the KOMET GROUP.

Because we provide the space and freedom to be inspired.
The size of our company promotes your personal and professional development, opening up new prospects. That's why we provide the freedom that inspires more responsibility and more team spirit.

Because we need your creativity.
Communication and information at the KOMET GROUP are open and direct. We need the ideas, suggestions and creativity of every person for the mutual and continuing success of our organization.